The Healing Wings Foundation was founded during the pandemic in 2020. We aim to improve the Quality of Life for people in uniform during times of medical need, for those in need, or for people who live in remote and arctic communities in Canada without access to connectivity during and post pandemic.

We offer select assistance in an accessible, convenient and rewarding manner, and by doing so, our ultimate goal is not only to relieve poverty and increase access to connectivity in communities, but also to promote public health, as well as offer care, guidance to support those in need.



Our goal is to provide connectivity and access to infrastructure to residents living in remote areas and arctic communities through subsidized or donated telecommunication equipment, electronic point of access such as tablets, as well as other telecommunication services.


Our goal is to provide subsidized accommodation for Armed Forces, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Veterans and/or their families as they receive medical treatment within the Greater Toronto Area.

providing Social Services

Our goal is to provide a variety of subsidized or donated social services to those in need, including mental health counselling, family & marriage counselling, legal services, and vocational training.

supporting charitable PROGRAMS

Our goal is to collaborate with other local charities to support their objectives by aiding and providing clothing, personal care products, other essential goods, telecommunication devices and supplementary programs (such as vocational training to youth shelters).

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Struggles during, or even post pandemic will never be the totality of what lives entail.  Join us to discover the services and tools we’re providing to empower you throughout this journey to rediscover, and recover.

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